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All of the men featured on this blog either made discriminatory remarks or harassed women. Their fotos have been captioned with their own words.

dinsdag 10 september 2013

Jon Goddi VC, Walking Biblical Thesaurus

So this guy shows up at an event against misogyny in advertising. Some d00d created a decal portraying a woman tied up at the back of a pick up truck. Logically, there was an outrage and the decal was removed and burned at the end of a VERY sad attempt at spinning the issue on behalf of a pathetic company in Waco, Texas who has now gained several facebook fans, very much adept to trolling and probably not the best customer material. Meet one of said rape apology fans, a d00d with a LOT to say.

zondag 25 augustus 2013

Scott Lindsey, don't mind him.

Oppressing females with his white male privilege, his language proficiency and his creepy d00dant stare.

Michael Duggan, he demands to be screencapped

First, a bit of d00dy humour.

Then drooling rhetoric and moar humour

Then, a tiny mantrum.

And then, d00dery all over the place.

Dustin Brown, Literary Scholar

Mansplaining what equality is.